Z80 Java Emulator fully extensible DOWNLOAD

J80 is one Z80 Emulator written in JAVA with included a standard BIOS for complete Microcomputer with working CP/M 2.2, CP/M 3.0 and one simple ZX Spectrum 48/128K emulator. The spectrum 128K version emulation is not complete but working. The best gol of this emulator is that the 'hardware' is build on the fly reading the configuration form one file in this way is very simple add new peripheral or features. For more details see the documentation. It is possible download more CP/M program here.

 J80 is "hardware compatible" with to other Z80 simulator YAZE annd Z80PAck.

This is the final version for J80 now is integrated with the new JMCE project.



Spectrum 48k with Pacman and Speaker support !

CP/M 2.2 boot



Date Version Binary Source
15 September 2010 1.10a j80-1_10a.tar.gz j80-1_10a-src.tar.gz
18 March 2005 1.01 j80-1_01.tar.gz j80-1_01-src.tar.gz
20 July 2004 1.00 j80-1_00.tar.gz j80-1_00-src.tar.gz
30 January 2004 0-0-beta j80-0.0-beta.tar.gz .j80-0.0-beta-src.tar.gz

For any comment or suggestion : mario __at__ viara __dot__ eu