JMCE - Java Multiple Computer Emulator DOWNLOAD

JMCE is a simulator for 8 bit microprocessor (Intel 8080, Zilog Z80, Intel 8051, MOS 6502,etc) and many computer based over them as ZX Spectrum, Altair 8800 , Z80Pack,Commodore VIC20 etc. running their original ROM and operating system. All JMCE computer can be configured programmatically or using xml, for example it is possible connect the console of IMSAI 8080 to one TCP server or to one physical serial interface without writing one line of code or it is possible change the memory for the Z80Pack computer from plain to banked memory again only editing a single xml files.

Here it is possible access to the project   Overview and access to the last version of the javadoc also available for  download.



Spectrum 128K

Integrated GUI debuggert

Diseqc emulator

Sinclair ZX spectrum

Commodore VIC20

Command line debugger.


Date Version Binary Source
11 December 2012 1.02 jmce-1_02.tar.gz jmce-src-1_02.tar.gz
25 December 2010 1.01 jmce-1_01.tar.gz jmce-src-1_01.tar.gz
30 September 2010 1.00 jmce-1_00.tar.gz jmce-src-1_00.tar.gz

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