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This project is a implementation of device driver required by Turbodos for the nice emulator Z80pack of Udo Munk. this is the first version and is a single operating system based over the version 1.22p. To install the package in the Z80pack emulator proceed as usual like the other package from Udo Munk. This package also run in the JMCE emulator.

Turbodos 1.30 from IMS is now available.

This version support banked memory and networking. I have tested the network  with a Master operating system running in JMCE emulator and the slave running in another machine with Z80Pack for Linux!

The original Turbodos 1.30 for IMS is available for download here. (Disk1,Disk2)





td130-1.01.tar.gz 15 Dec 2010 Fixed bug relative to interrupt management.
td130-1.00.tar.gz 05 Oct 2010 First porting of Turbodos 1.30 support network and banked memory.
tdzp-122s-1_00.tar.gz 05 Aug 2010 First dirty  porting of single operating system with Turbodos 1.22P.



For any comment or suggestion : mario __at__ viara __dot__ eu