Intel 8051 Java Simulator/Debugger  DOWNLOAD

J51 a Java Intel MCS51(8051,8052, etc) family microprocessor emulator, with integrated  disassembler, debugger, Intel hex file loader  , SDCC symbol table. Required java 1.2 or later. Now support the shared 8051 / 8052 memory model and can run the CMON51.

This is the final version for J51 now the 8051 emulator is integrated in the new project JMCE.



Standard peripheral emulated

Microprocessor supported


Quick start

Start the emulator with : java -jar j51.jar

Select the CPU in the menu and load one of the application file provided in the distribution.

Example for Diseqc

Select cpu j51.diseqc.Diseqc and load diseqc.hex

Example for MCB900

Select cpu j51.keil.MCB900 and load blinky.hex

Example for MON51

Select cpu j51.cmon51.Mon51 and load cmon51.hex. When the cmon51.hex is loaded send from the uart window the tetris52.hex (before the go command set the PC to 8000)

Example for P8051

Select cpu j51.intel.P8051 and load tetris52.hex (be carefully you must set PC to 8000) or one example from RT Free Operating system blink.hex


Sample debug session of the diseqc software


Sample screen shot with Keil MCB900

Sample screen from CMON51 with Tetris


Date Version Binary Source
15 September 2010 1.05 j51-1_05.tar.gz j51-1_05-src.tar.gz
30 Jun 2010 1.04 j51-1_04.tar.gz j51-1_04-src.tar.gz
02 July 2008 1.03 j51-1_03.tar.gz j51-1_03-src.tar.gz
07 May 2008 1.02 j51-1_02.tar.gz j51-1_02-src.tar.gz
30 December 2007 1.01 j51-1_01.tar.gz j51-1_01-src.tar.gz
13 December 2006 1.00 j51-1_00.tar.gz j51-1_00-src.tar.gz
16 January 2006 0.4 j51-0_04.tar.gz j51-0_04-src.tar.gz
02 November 2005 0.3 j51-0_03.tar.gz j51-0_03-src.tar.gz
13 October 2004 0.2 j51-0_02.tar.gz j51-0_02-src.tar.gz
24 August 2004 0-1-Beta j51-0_01-beta.tar.gz j51-0_01-beta-src.tar.gz
04 August 2004 0-0-Beta j51-0_00-beta.tar.gz j51-0_00-beta-src.tar.gz

For any comment or suggestion : mario __at__ viara __dot__ eu