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Welcome in the Mario Viara's site

There are some software that you might find useful, I wrote them during my long programmers life. All the software are available with  source for free. If you have any question or suggestions please email me at mario __at__ viara __dot__ eu . If you find the software useful or interesting, please let me know.


  Another Z80/CPM/Spectrum emulator.   BBS Fossil driver my first shareware  online from 1994.
  Intel 8051 simulator/debugger.   Diseqc 1.2 positioner for DC Motor.
  RFC2217 compliant Java terminal server   Porting of Turbodos for the Z80pack
  RFC 3164 Syslogd daemon    
  Java library for RFC2217 terminal server

Direct access to the download area.
  Java multiple computer emulator.    

News from Mario Viara
  WIN32/ Linux Terminal emulator that can emulate a Linux console    
  Free Real-time embedded Operating system    Some information about me.
  Directory Synchronizer for Win32 and Linux.   CP/M 80 software museum with many utilities.
      Small exhibition of my private collection
      Turbodos dedicated page.


For any comment or suggestion : mario __at__ viara __dot__ eu